Change is good. Change brings a fresh new start. Bridgeport House was a name synonymous to the home of Velisa Africa. In pursuit of a more suitable space for our institution, we have now moved to 3 Georgian Crescent West, Bryanston East, 2021. But do not despair, the new office is not far from our old office, we are just one street up the road.

Moving out is an easy task right? Especially when you are just moving just one street away. You just pack up what is yours, go to a new place, settle in, and start to operate.  So we thought! This was definitely a false sense of security that we had to meditate on.  Moving out is hard work! It took us a number of days just to move everything out before we could even think about settling in. However, we made sure to have fun while doing it.  After all, work and no play is not our mantra.

Our interns were very excited to discover that the ‘new office’ is actually the old office of Velisa Africa Academy, which was previously known as Shoden (you can read up on the history over here

The staff that were working here at that stage have now been brought back home; a newly renovated office!  As for the interns from the old Shoden office,  these are most definitely new offices as far as they are concerned.

We write to you right now from our new offices,  where you can happily find us working away and very hard!  Did we change our contacts? No ways, we know that you still want to talk to us (contact us on 0861-716-150 or 083-2525-680, our website:, email:

Make sure to come and visit, and converse with us.  We are always open to chatting about how we can continue nurturing skills for growth of our future leaders.