It was a great day in the jungle! The birds were singing gorgeously, and the leaves seemed to dance to the music the birds made. The smell of the green leaves made the environment even more pleasant.

Mufasa, the king, had called a meeting and no one in their right mind would dare not go to that meeting; since it concerned everyone.

The meeting was about how the issue of the shortage of water could be solved. The Mufasa clan was gathered, consisting of all of the big five animals in the jungle and others.

The Lion king Mufasa stood up and as he was about to address the crowd, came Zedu the zebra (drunk from Marula juice). He was not from the Mufasa tribe, just a passer-by who was causing a huge meeting distraction by making irritating noises as he passed.

Baloyi the monkey came from Baloyi tribe and started to swing on the tree above them, causing green Marula fruits to fall on everyone. It was a very irritating experience. However, Baloyi left and the meeting continued.

The king was about to appoint the “chancellor of water solutions” when Dumbo the elephant stood up. As big as he is, all of the crowd was drawn to him. The passageway for exiting was where the stage was, and Dumbo made his way to the front.

The king shouted, “Dumbo where are you going?”. “To relieve myself sire”, he said. “You are disturbing the meeting!”, the king said. Dumbo shouted while running out of the meeting; “I can’t help it sir…!!”.

The whole meeting was distracted due to this. The meeting had no breaks, it went on for ten hours. Some animals started to snore, others started to walk out giving excuses, and some started to look around for food.

This turn of events can be experienced in our daily meetings and training if they are not well set and structured in conducive venues. The facilities at Velisa Africa have all the necessary equipment & qualities. These are definitely worth a try; they are conducive and a great place to conduct your meetings and training.