Generally, most people regard office meetings as boring. The truth is, there is no successful business that made it without any meetings! As boring as they are, meetings are very crucial in a sense that they encourage team work, ensure everyone is on the same page, and maintains a good relationship amongst employees and employers.

I would like to share a few tips with you on how to run a successful office meeting; taken from the article here :

1. Have a Purpose
The first thing is to have a valid purpose. Knowing why the meeting is held is crucial, because you do not want to invite people to the meeting while you don’t have the purpose. Generally, people don’t have time, so inviting them to a purposeless meeting can make them angry.

Having a purpose for your meeting also helps a lot in terms of making a meeting successful, and as short as possible. People don’t like to be dragged out in the board room for long time.

2. Have an Agenda
Once you know meeting purpose, then formulating an agenda will be a walk in a park. The meeting agenda is just a list of items that will be covered in the meeting. Your agenda should be able to give you some ideas on how much time you can allocate to that meeting.

You need to make sure that your agenda is clear, because a clear agenda will lead to a successful meeting. When your agenda is not clear, then your team will definitely think that you are not sure what meeting is all about.

3. Encourage Participation
If the purpose of the meeting is relevant to all of the attendees, then surely you will need them all to participate on the discussion and be involved in the decision making process.

If you are facilitating the meeting, then you can go around the table making sure everyone has input. By so doing, your team will be encouraged to attend your meetings.

4. Take Minutes
During each and every meeting you hold, there must be a person taking minutes. The minutes are the records of what was discussed and decided at the meeting and they are also helpful in setting an agenda for upcoming meetings.

The copy of the minutes needs to be shared amongst the attendees of the meeting. This will remind attendees on what was discussed and also remind everyone of their duties that was disseminated on the meeting.

5. Use Technology
Depending on the nature of the meeting, a room must have all relevant technology resources to ensure that a meeting is successful. For an example, a meeting might not be face-to-face, and in this case, Skype or can be used.

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