Hi, I am Simtembile and I have a story to tell…

How I broke the glass ceiling …

For the last couple of months, some of my colleagues and I have been involved in working on building some mobile applications & software for Velisa Africa, as part of our internship programme.

We have been training with Velisa Africa Academy for about 6 months now and we were asked by Dee to reflect on our time so far ….

We became involved because we were part of those graduates and school leavers who are struggling to find jobs due to lack of work experience, basics and courage.

In my particular case, I spent two years without a job and not knowing how to approach relevant people, but after getting involved in Velisa Africa Academy’s work bridging programme, things started changing for me. Now, I got the job.

So, ……. if you are one of those who are trying to get themselves into the market place or workplace, especially in the business side, but you do not know where to go, and how to start, then, Velisa Africa Academy has a solution for you.

Hi, I am Manoah and this is what I have to say, check my video…

Some of my colleagues also added their experiences:

Hi, I am Rukaya and this is what I have to say…

It has been a year since I joined the Velisa group and I can’t begin to describe the way that is has changed my life.

In addition to gaining technical skills, I have developed a strong sense of self, along with the confidence and courage to pursue my goals. Knowing yourself greatly influences your success. If you know yourself and what you want, you’re unstoppable. The program has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I have learnt not only from the mentors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with, but also the talented and influential young people I was surrounded by.

Hi, I am Sanele here is my contribution…

Velisa Africa Academy have open doors for me which I thought would have never been possible without their support. How? I was unable to express myself but through their soft skills that they provided in their program, I am now able to stand comfortable with confidence in front of the crowd and present.

I am able to write required reports and compile a document. I am able to resolve a conflict. This has been life-changing for me. The most special thing that I am truly grateful for, is the opportunity they have provided me to enhance my technical and soft skills and acquire employment.

And there are many more people who have only good to say about this fantastic land, The United V of A…


It has been a great and challenging learning journey ever since I joined Velisa Africa Academy. I came in with no experience and I was introduced to a corporate world with well experienced individuals in terms of work and life experience.

I started off by learning how to behave in a corporate world and that entailed how to speak, write, receive and give feedback. I learned how to work individually and work in a team. What stood out for me is that my attitude changed for better and I am always punctual in and out of workplace.

My life has changed for better as well, in a sense that I am considerate, I am already working as a leader, responsible for any action I take. I listen more than I talk and that’s part of learning everyday! …..Joining Velisa Africa Academy was worth it because right now I am ready and able for corporate world.


It’s a great experience to be part of the Velisa Africa Academy team. You learn about what it takes to be a top achiever in the corporate world. You gain more soft skills and technical skills.

Back to me now …. I want to encourage you to come and listen ….

Velisa Africa people cared enough about me to ensure that I have a career future ahead …. !! I want to ensure that everyone out there gets the same opportunities as me …

So, on behalf of me and my colleagues, we just wanted to ask everyone to come and listen to the Velisa Africa options:

The “Let’s Go Trade™ project”. It’s happening next year at Velisa Africa Academy.

This is a programme that benefits students across the country through a work bridging programme on:

 Running a little business

 Learn all aspects of self employment

 Exposure to future networks

 Build your own portfolio

 Guaranteed job (if meeting targets)

 Chance to run your own business or work with Velisa

 Business ideas will be nurtured (registering business & sorting out legal aspects)

 Skills of marketing

 Inbound marketing (certificate) digital technology

*Come and meet us and ask us about how our experiences have changed our lives!