How I made it to international management position in 5 short years : Lukhanyiso Sobhuza’s Story

Looking 5 years back just after Varsity, I didn’t know what to do and I found myself sponsored into the Velisa Academy in Bryanston, not knowing exactly what to expect from them.

Surprisingly enough, I discovered that I was termed a Software Developer “in the making”, in the Academy – despite being fully sponsored by a Storage Area Network (SAN) Company. #NoMoreComments … (inside joke – actually great to have career options)

I transitioned from Software Development, into hard core Storage and Backup Engineer and then started on the up and up. Over the next few years, I became more commercial in the Datacentre Infrastructure space growing into a Pre Sales Engineer/Technical Sales. This is all happening with in the period of 1,2,3,4, years. I kid you not.

On top of that I am now in my 5th year after the Velisa Academy, heading to SADC as a Pre Sales Manager.

Is it going to be easy over there? I don’t think so; however I was equipped at the Velisa Academy to always work hard and that with good positive attitude, things might loosen up a bit.

This is what I will call Career Growth Acceleration you get from the same Velisa Academy that unpacked and professionally re-packed the young man that I am today, from Ground Up.

Since I left Velisa, its been about which is the best new offer to take, not about, will I get a job.

#KeepUpTeamVelisa …

The successful businessman (completed programme 2012) arrives for a visit and ….. gets to …. hold up the bookcase??!

“You really want me to jump up here?” “Yes coz you are climbing the corporate ladder!” The rising star – Well Done LK …. Velisa Africa is super proud of the amazing young man that you are! Remember your Velisa Africa programme and your “ticket to freedom”, when you become President!!