I recently read an article on LinkedIn about the value of Internships. It essentially shared that internships are a critical component to recruitment of talent, these days.

What you may not know, is that we, at Velisa Africa, have piloted an improvement to the traditional internship model:

We have a bootcamp training program, where we impart business-relevant technical skills and work-readiness skills, ALL WHILE the intern is working on quality-controlled, independent customer requirements. This means that the interns’ learning in the workplace, is mostly self-directed, is customer-facing and is personalised learning. It takes college graduates into careers they could never have imagined …

So, instead of doing all the training and culturalisation themselves, employers outsource this to us, by sponsoring their selected graduates through our program. The interns can then add their work experience to their CVs and demonstrate their portfolios, giving the sponsoring employers plenty of insight into the competency and potential of their new recruits.

Employers then can employ work-ready, talented, innovative, critical thinkers with technical and business skills!