So, young people can pass exams! Is that a reliable measure of skills? No, frankly, it isn’t! Our work-readiness and entrepreneurial skills programmes focus on developing problem-solving, analytical thinkers, who flexibly grow into their job requirements.

Our training is not about books and theory. Although it is important to equip people properly with knowledge, we have a strong focus on the ‘doing’ part of learning.

We are proud to present what they are doing …

Grow Me Online is a (take a deep breath…)
“lead generation, digital-marketing-journey partner for small business”!
That’s a lot of words for saying:
In us, You have a (Digital) Friend!

As a very special offer, they are currently running two promotions that you, or someone you know would be interested in! Please share, it will help them with valuable business skills!

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Take a look at this video which explains what it is all about!