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This course introduces the learner to the IBM zOS job control language in a practical environment. Emphasis is on those aspects of the language which is relevant in today’s environment. The learner is advised on those aspects described in the documentation which no longer applies. In addition the learner is introduced to the major utility programs. The following topics are covered:


In this section an overview of the structure and syntax of job control language statements. The major statements such as JOB, EXEC and DD with their associated parameters are outlined.

Program Execution

This section deals with the EXEC statement in particular and in combination with conditional execution of programs based on return codes and the IF-THE-ELSE or COND statements.

Legacy File Processing

In this section the statements required to process legacy files including system output and input are described in conjunction with several assignments and examples.

VSAM File Processing

An overview of the VSAM related concepts, the Access Method Services utility (IDCAMS) and associated file processing statement requirements are outlined as above with appropriate examples and assignments.

Procedures and Symbolic Parameters

A thorough treatise on the use of in-line and catalogues procedures with symbolic parameters.

System Managed Storage 

overview of the SMS related JCL parameters.


Programmers, operators and schedulers. in an IBM zOS environment.


The course is workshop based with minimal lectures and up to 80% of the course is hands on practical training.


At the completion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Modify any existing JCL procedures or statements to reflect required changes.
  • Create new JCL for jobs.


Assessment processes are built into the course for learners as part of our commitment to life-long learning. Formative assessment is carried out during the training via Course Activities. Summative assessment commences after the training in the form of a written knowledge questionnaire and if applicable, the practical assignment that the learners are required to complete as part of their course content. Learners will receive a certificate of competence on successful completion of the course


The following material is supplied:

  • A full set of notes covering the course outline.


z/OS Concepts and Facilities

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