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This course examines the fundamentals of a typical server based operating system. An overview of IBM’s zOS in terms of the concepts and available facilities is given.


An overview of the major components and functions of an operating system.

Storage Management

Examines all aspects of the management of storage spaces including central, virtual and auxiliary storage. Specifically the virtual storage implementation of zOS and it’s associated address space concepts are discussed.

System Address Spaces

An overview of the major system address spaces and their functionality. Included are JES2, Unix services, etc. In addition an introduction is given on system data sets and these uses in an zOS environment.

Job Management

Examines the management of units of work. Specifically describes job, task and program management, and cross memory services.

File Systems

Describes the functions and services supplied by z/OS data management services.

System Components

A analysis of the major system components that are required for the operation of the operating system.


The course is lecture based.


System programmers, application programmers and support staff who are responsible for planning, installing and maintaining the z/OS control program.


At the completion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the functions of an operating system.
  • Show an understanding of the virtual storage implementation of zOS, including address, data and hiperspaces.
  • Describe the user interfaces or shells available to a z/OS user.
  • Functionally describe the system related components of z/OS.


Assessment processes are built into the course for learners as part of our commitment to life-long learning. Formative assessment is carried out during the training via Course Activities. Summative assessment commences after the training in the form of a written knowledge questionnaire and if applicable, the practical assignment that the learners are required to complete as part of their course content. Learners will receive a certificate of competence on successful completion of the course.


A set of notes covering the course outline.

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