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The Veritas NetBackup Appliances 4.1: Configuration and Management course is designed for the IT professional who is new to appliances and is responsible for configuring the NetBackup 5340 and 5350 appliances, performing appliance maintenance tasks, and managing appliances. This course covers how to configure the appliances and add storage to the appliances. You learn how the appliances easily integrate into the NetBackup environment, how to run backups and restores, and the basics of resolving appliance issues and maintaining the appliances. You also learn about reconfiguring the appliances, deploying virtual appliances, using common appliance features, and clustering NetBackup 53xx appliances.

Delivery Method(s)

This course is available in the following delivery method(s):

  •  Instructor-led training – ILT: 3 days, including 6 months of lab access
  • Virtual instructor-led training – VILT: 3 days, including 6 months of lab access
  • Learning Lab – Self-paced lesson guide plus 6 months of lab access

This course includes practical hands-on lab exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to transfer them into your working environment. It also includes demonstrations and videos as part of the lab work.

By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

  •  Describe key components of the NetBackup Appliances – hardware and software.
  • Configure the NetBackup Appliance.
  • Configure Universal Shares in an Appliance.
  • Perform local configuration tasks using the Appliance Web Console and the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu CLISH.
  • Perform remote configuration tasks using Veritas Remote Management (VRM).
  • Integrate appliances into the NetBackup environment, run backups, and restores.
  • Configure appliance shares and work with Oracle Copilot and Instant Access for VMware.
  • Resolve appliance issues with troubleshooting tools.
  • Monitor appliance health.
  • Update appliance software.
  • Perform maintenance tasks on the appliance.
  • Reconfigure the appliance.
  • Describe pre-configuration tasks for deployment and configuration of a NetBackup Virtual Appliance.
  • Cluster NetBackup 53xx appliances.

This course is meant for customers and partners new to appliances and front-line technical support personnel who are responsible for configuring the 5340 and 5350 appliances, performing appliance maintenance tasks, operating and managing the appliance, and troubleshooting the appliance.

You must have working knowledge of Veritas NetBackup. It is beneficial to have some knowledge about Veritas NetBackup appliances, networking, and storage concepts.

NetBackup Appliances: Introduction
NetBackup Appliance Family: Overview
NetBackup Appliance Software: Overview
NetBackup Appliance Hardware: Overview
Veritas NetInsights Console: Overview

Configuring the Appliance
Pre-configuration Checklist and Other Considerations
Accessing the Appliance Web Console
Initial Configuration Using Appliance Web Console and NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu (CLISH)
Remote Configuration Using VRM Interface
Appliance Management Server

Exercise A: Configuring a Primary/Master Server Appliance
Exercise B: Adding a 5350 Media Server Appliance to a Master Server
Exercise C: Configuring a 5350 Media Server Appliance
Exercise D: Verifying the Configuration
Exercise E: Accessing the NetBackup Administration Console
Exercise F: Viewing Software Emails

Performing Appliance Operations
Integrating Appliances in a NetBackup Environment
Performing Backups and Restores with Appliances
Configuring Appliance Shares
Instant Access for VMware

Exercise A: Using the Appliance Shell Menu to View Storage Information
Exercise B: Creating and Resizing Storage Partitions
Exercise C: Configuring Backup Policies
Exercise D: Performing Manual Backups
Exercise E: Creating an Instant Access Virtual Machine

Appliance Troubleshooting and Tools
Appliance Online Resources
Appliance Physical Inspection
Resolving Common Hardware Faults

Exercise A: Using Appliance Shell Support Menu Troubleshooting Commands
Exercise B: Viewing Log Files Using the Support > Logs Command
Exercise C: Performing Log Transfers Using the Support > LogBrowser Command
Exercise D: Viewing the CLISH Audit Log

Monitoring Appliance Health
Monitoring with OpsCenter
Monitoring with Appliance Web Console and NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu
Monitoring with Veritas Remote Management

Exercise A: Monitoring an Appliance Primary/Master Server Using OpsCenter
Exercise B: Monitoring an Appliance Primary/Master Server Using the Appliance Web Console
Exercise C: Monitoring an Appliance Primary/Master Server Using the Appliance Shell Menu

Updating Appliance Software
NetBackup Appliance Software Version 4.1 Upgrade: Overview
Upgrading the Appliance
Appliance Management Console: Overview
Configuring an Appliance as an AMS
Managing Appliances with Appliance Management Console
NetBackup Client Upgrades with VxUpdate

Exercise A: Configuring an Appliance as an Appliance Management Server (AMS)
Exercise B: Configuring an Appliance as an Appliance Management Agent (AMA)
Exercise C: Managing Appliances from the Appliance Management Console (AMC)

Performing Appliance Maintenance Tasks
Managing AutoSupport Alerts
Setting the Login Banner
Configuring a NetBackup CLI User
Configuring LDAP and AD Authentication
Adding a Storage Shelf
Maintaining Appliance Security
Configuring SAN Client and Fibre Channel Replication

Exercise A: Creating, Viewing, and Removing Login Banners
Exercise B: Configuring User Authentication
Exercise C: Creating and Using NetBackup CLI Users
Exercise D: Maintaining Appliance Security

Reconfiguring the Appliance
Appliance Resets
Appliance Reimaging
Migrating to a New Appliance
Decommissioning an Appliance

Exercise A: Performing a NetBackup Manual Backup
Exercise B: Configuring Data Migration
Exercise C: Viewing the Migration Task Status
Exercise D: Viewing Data Migration Results

Working with Copilot
Database Protection Challenges
NetBackup Copilot for Oracle: Overview
Configuration Steps
Recovery Scenarios and Procedures

Exercise A: Creating and Mounting an Appliance Share
Exercise B: Configuring Storage Lifecycle Policies
Exercise C: Configuring an Oracle Intelligent Policy

Working with Virtual Appliances
Virtual Appliances: Overview
Differences Between Virtual and Physical Appliances
Pre-configuration Tasks
Deploying a NetBackup Virtual Appliance
Configuring a NetBackup Virtual Appliance
Additional Configuration Tasks
Upgrading the Virtual Appliance

Exercise A: Deploying a Combined Primary/Master and Media Server Appliance
Exercise B: Replicating Images to a Virtual Appliance

Clustering NetBackup 53xx Appliances
High Availability: Overview
Installation and Configuration
AutoSupport for High Availability
Universal Share for High Availability
Upgrading NetBackup High Availability Appliances

Exercise A: Configuring a NetBackup 53xx High Availability Setup
Exercise B: Adding the Partner Node to the NetBackup 53xx High Availability Configuration
Exercise C: Performing a Failover Scenario During Backup

NetBackup 5250 Appliance
NetBackup 5250 Appliance: Overview
NetBackup 5250 Appliance: Physical Status Indicators
NetBackup 5250 Appliance: Maintenance Tasks

NetBackup 5350 Appliance
NetBackup 5350 Appliance: Overview
NetBackup 5350 Appliance: Physical Status Indicators
NetBackup 5350 Appliance: Maintenance Tasks

NetBackup 5340 Appliance
NetBackup 5340 Appliance: Overview
NetBackup 5340 Appliance: Physical Status Indicators
NetBackup 5340 Appliance: Maintenance Tasks

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