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The Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x for Exchange: Administration course is designed for system administrators tasked with operating, integrating, and monitoring the day-to-day performance of Enterprise Vault within their Exchange environments.

This five-day, instructor-led, hands-on class covers the product’s functionality and Enterprise Vault’s operations and features.

Additional topics include:

  • using reports
  • basic management
  • backing up and restoring the components of Enterprise Vault and
  • an introduction to troubleshooting.

After you complete this course, you will know how to, manage, monitor, and maintain Enterprise Vault.

Delivery Method

  • Instructor-led training (ILT)


You must have a working knowledge of Windows with some system administration experience. Basic familiarity with Exchange/Outlook is sufficient, while an understanding of SQL Server, Exchange, and Active Directory as a power user or administrator is useful.

Optional Pre-requisite

Symantec Enterprise Vault 11.x: Implementation and Deployment: This 4-day course covers the topics of installing, upgrading and migrating for Enterprise Vault 11.x implementations.


This course includes practical hands-on exercises that enable you to test your new skills and begin to use those skills in a working environment.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Administering Enterprise Vault

  • How does Enterprise Vault work?
  • Administering Enterprise Vault overview
  • Managing administration security
  • Administration Console overview

Lesson 2: Exploring the Enterprise Vault Environment

  • Component overview
  • Assessing the Enterprise Vault environment health

Lesson 3: Introduction to Enterprise Vault Storage

  • Archive storage overview
  • Determining current storage state and usage

Lesson 4: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Targets

  • Adding Exchange targets
  • Archiving from an Exchange DAG

Lesson 5: Managing Enterprise Vault User Archiving

  • Determining what is archived
  • Applying archiving options to mailboxes

Lesson 6: Managing Enterprise Vault User Settings

  • Managing user settings
  • Adding users to the Enterprise Vault environment

Lesson 7: Managing Client Access – Part I

  • Accessing archived items: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Outlook
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Vault Cache and Virtual Vault

Lesson 8: Managing Client Access – Part II

  • Accessing archived items: Overview
  • Supporting Exchange client access: Office Mail App
  • Supporting Exchange client access: OWA

Lesson 9: Managing Client Access – Part III

  • Accessing archived items: Overview
  • Supporting client access: IMAP

Lesson 10: Maintaining Journal Archiving

  • Journal archiving overview
  • Monitoring journal archiving
  • Maintaining journal archiving

Lesson 11: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Storage

  • Expanding the storage configuration
  • Maintaining storage locations
  • Modifying storage

Lesson 12: Managing Enterprise Vault Storage Retention and Deletion

    • Managing storage retention and expiry
    • Collection and Migration overview

Lesson 13: Managing Indexes and Search

        • Index and search overview
        • Monitoring Indexes
        • Maintaining Indexes
        • Supporting search

Lesson 14: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Servers – Part I

        • Monitoring and maintaining an Enterprise Vault server
        • Monitoring tasks and services
        • Maintaining tasks

Lesson 15: Maintaining Enterprise Vault Servers – Part II

        • Monitoring and maintaining message queues
        • Maintaining database resources

Lesson 16: Migrating PST Files – Introduction

        • PST migration: Overview
        • Using PST migration tools
        • Configuring PST settings

Lesson 17: Migrating PST Files – Performing Migrations

        • Migrating with client-driven PST migration
        • Migrating with server-driven migration

Lesson 18: Managing User Archives

        • Managing user archives: Overview
        • Managing archive permissions
        • Migrating archives
        • Moving archives
        • Configuring user deletion and recovery

Lesson 19: Applying Changes to the Enterprise Vault Environment

        • Managing monitoring and reporting
        • Upgrading an Enterprise Vault servers
        • Expanding the Enterprise Vault environment

Lesson 20: Introduction to Enterprise Vault Troubleshooting

        • Using Enterprise Vault server tools
        • Using Enterprise Vault client tools
        • Working with Symantec Support

Lesson 21: Backing up Enterprise Vault

        • Enterprise Vault Components to back up
        • Using Backup Mode
        • Backup options and strategies
        • Configuring Collection and Migration

Lesson 22: Recovering Enterprise Vault

      • Performing disaster recovery
      • Configuring Enterprise Vault high availability

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose and benefits of Enterprise Vault.
  • Navigate the Administration Console.
  • Describe the components of Enterprise Vault.
  • Review and maintain Enterprise Vault storage.
  • Add Exchange targets.
  • Manage user archives and settings.
  • Manage client access to archives.
  • Maintain journal archiving.
  • Manage indexes and search.
  • Manage Enterprise Vault servers.
  • Migrate PST files.
  • Apply changes to the Enterprise Vault environment.
  • Perform basic troubleshooting.
  • Backup and restore Enterprise Vault data.

This course is for system administrators, system engineers, technical support personnel, and system integration/development staff who are responsible for installing, operating, or integrating Enterprise Vault within their Exchange environment.

For more information please contact us:

Enquiries in Johannesburg and Cape Town : pauli@velisaafrica.co.za

International Enquiries : hema.chugh@globalknowledge.ae

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