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Practical knowledge for all staff

Align your staff with your privacy objectives

Velisa Africa Academy, in conjunction with Data Horizons, is proud to offer this practical, interactive and comprehensive overview of the POPI Act and what it means for your staff.

This short, easy to understand course is delivered by an internally certified Privacy expert, who has worked with numerous businesses in South Africa to ensure there POPIA compliance. The training considers the requirements of the POPI Act and applies practical scenarios and use cases.

Your staff will also learn why data privacy is such an important subject in today’s data-driven world, and how knowledge and vigilance regarding privacy will enhance their careers and improve your company’s brand and reputation.


  • What is Personal Information (PI)?
  • What is Special Personal Information
  • What does it mean to Process PI?
  • Data Privacy, Data Protection and Data Security
  • What is a Data Breach?
  • Foundations of international privacy regulations
  • Other laws and standards that intersect with POPIA
  • What about the GDPR?
  • The 8 Conditions
  • Data Subject Rights
  • Lawful Bases for Processing PI
  • International Data Transfers
  • Special PI and Children’s Information
  • Responsibilities of the Information Officer
  • Direct Marketing
  • Roles and what they mean
  • Rights of Data Subjects
  • Responsible Part and Operator responsibilities
  • Considerations for moving PI to another country
  • What it means not to comply
  • Penalties under POPIA
  • Consequences of your company and yourself
  • Your role in security and data privacy
  • Why Policies and Procedures are important
  • What practical steps you can take to protect PI
  • What to do in the event of a breach
  • Why you benefit from being a privacy-savvy employee

Why Privacy Matters

The right to privacy and protection of personal information is a basic human right, enshrined not only in privacy regulation, but in the constitution of most countries.

The POPI Act is designed to protect this basic human right, but understanding what this entails is essential when working within any organisation that processes the information of its employees, customers and business partners.

With staff who understand the importance of privacy, you are improving your ability to provide a better service and secure the trust and confidence of your customers, employees, and business partners.


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