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This course introduces the learner to the concepts and terminology associated with Information and Communications Technology. The following topics are covered:

  • Technology Overview
    In this section a overview is given on the individuals and organisations that made major contributions to the computing industry in terms of inventions and ideas. In addition a time line of the advances in technology with specific reference to computer systems during the past 50 years is given. Finally a brief overview of the international and local major players in the marketplace.
  • Hardware Concepts
    An introduction to hardware concepts such as (i) Processors, SMP and MPP architectures; (ii) External storage devices with special emphasis on Disks including RAID concepts and interface architectures such as SAN, DAS, NAS and (iii) Network architectures.
  • Software Concepts
    An introduction to (i) Operating Systems, types and functionality; (ii) Database Management Systems (ii) The Internet and (iv) various generic software concepts.


The course is lecture based.


The course is aimed at non-technical staff working in an ICT company or non-technical users of computer equipment.


At the completion of the course the learner will be able to:

  • Outline a brief history of the development of the computer industry with references to technology and the major players in the market. In particular the learner will recognize the events and inventions that shaped the industry as we see it today
  • Describe the major components and their functions of a computing system from both a hardware and software perspective.
  • Acquire a comprehensive set of ICT related terminology.


Assessment processes are built into the course for learners as part of our commitment to life-long learning. Formative assessment is carried out during the training via Course Activities. Summative assessment commences after the training in the form of a written knowledge questionnaire and if applicable, the practical assignment that the learners are required to complete as part of their course content.

Learners will receive a certificate of competence on successful completion of the course


The following material is supplied:

  • A full set of notes covering the course outline.


For further reading the following WEB sites are of interest:

  • Wikepedia, the free encyclopaedia
  • IEEE Computer Society
    www.computer.org/portal/cms_docs_ieeecs/ieeec s/about/history/timeline.pdf
  • UNIX/Linux History
    www.bell-labs.com/history/unix www.netfiles.uiuc.edu/rhasan/linux
  • IBM Mainframe
    www-03.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/ timeline/
  • Open Source


  • Grade 12.

For more information please contact us:

Enquiries in Johannesburg and Cape Town : pauli@velisaafrica.co.za

International Enquiries : hema.chugh@globalknowledge.ae

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