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Velisa Africa is the official Global Knowledge partner in Sub-Saharan Africa. Course details : https://www.globalknowledge.co.uk/courses/ibm/content_management/f187g.html

This course is for System Administrators and Support Technicians to perform configuration tasks, administrative tasks, maintenance, and performance monitoring on an IBM Datacap Capture system.

You work initially with an IBM Datacap Taskmaster system on Windows 7 configured in the all-in-one configuration. This is with all Datacap software installed on one system. You then reconfigure to a two machine installation by including a Server 2008 DNS server with Active Directory and some of the Datacap server components.


You must have:

  • knowledge in IBM Datacap Taskmaster system components and functionality
  • Some familiarity with relational databases
  • Familiarity with Windows security

System configuration

Taskmaster Single-machine configuration

  • Configure and Start Taskmaster Server service
  • Configure Internet Explorer
  • Configure Taskmaster Web client.

Maintain users and groups, and configure security

  • Add Users, Groups, and Stations
  • Set privileges and permissions

Authentication and Encryption

  • TMA authentication (Taskmaster)
  • ADSI authentication (Active Directory)
  • LDAP authentication (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • ADLDS authentication (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services)
  • LLLDAP authentication (Low-Level Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Multi-machine configuration considerations

  • Firewall, FIPS security, and Security key
  • Configure Taskmaster server
  • Configure Taskmaster client
  • Configure Taskmaster Web server

Component Configuration
Configure Rulerunner (Background processing)
Configure Taskmaster Web client upload service.
Configure RV2 (Report generator)
Configure NENU (System maintenance)
Configure wTM (Web services Library)
Administration of production system
Virtual stations and queuing of tasks
Add shortcuts to the Start menu
Add shortcuts to Web Client
Disaster recovery
Configure Microsoft SQL Server
Configure IBM System Dashboard


  • Manage daily production; troubleshoot problems/issues/aborts/discrepancies.
  • Monitoring system performance and production volume. (Optimize speed/throughput).
  • Meeting customer Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements.


  • Daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/year-end admin tasks, Manage resources (disk space, high availability, databases, logs, etc.)
  • Purge completed workflows.


  • Switch scanners.
  • Configure NENU (New Enhanced Notification Utility) to handle process exceptions.

Event Logs

  • Configure event log content
  • View event logs
  • Maintain event logs
  • Log File Locations
  • Microsoft Application Event Logs

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and administer a multi-machine IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture system.

This intermediate course is for anyone who needs to administer IBM Datacap Taskmaster systems or support Datacap users.

For more information please contact us:

Enquiries in Johannesburg and Cape Town : pauli@velisaafrica.co.za

International Enquiries : hema.chugh@globalknowledge.ae

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