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How-to Model Data (Hoberman)

Modelware Systems has secured the licence to present Steve Hoberman’s excellent course, Data Modelling Masterclass, the 8th edition of which is soon to be released.  Howard Diesel, Paul Grobler and Craig Botha have been certified by Steve Hoberman to present the course.

Who should attend:

The course is ideally suited to three types of professional

  1. It is excellent preparation for anyone taking the Data Modelling and Design elective of the CDMP Practitioner certification. Steve Hoberman wrote the Modelling sections in both DMBoK versions and oversaw the exam preparation.
  2. It gives new insight to any passionate data modeller, and allows him or her to effectively review his or her skill level.
  3. Enterprise Information Managers need to understand the modelling process to

The duration of the course is four days, three days of interactive learning, and the fourth to apply the knowledge to a case study.  A training manual / workbook is included.


There is no pre-requisite knowledge.

Howard Diesel leads this excellent interactive course prepared by Data Modelling guru, Steve Hoberman.  The Master Class is a complete data Modelling course, containing three days of practical techniques for producing conceptual, logical, and physical relational and dimensional and NoSQL data models.

Course Description

Steve has developed a unique, question based approach to data modelling. This empowers the data modeller with the right approach to gather all the necessary information from stakeholders to ensure the model depicts business requirements precisely, and demonstrates that all parties understand.

Firstly, a model is introduced as a simple picture of something complex, a communication tool and a pathway.

The Data Model Settings (Scope, Abstraction, Time frame, Function, and Format) are illustrated using a camera metaphor. Five strategic questions are provided to ask business users so that the correct settings are chosen and all see the correct picture.

Data Modelling Components are identified by asking questions, Entities and Attributes by the Why? What? When? Where? Who? How? set of questions, and Steve has provided six strategic questions to correctly position Relationships.

Finally, you learn how to assess your models, and to make better models using the Data Model Scorecard ®, which has 10 weighted criteria, is objective, and supports all types of models.


About Steve Hoberman

Steve Hoberman has trained more than 10,000 people in data modelling since 1992. Steve is known for his entertaining and interactive teaching style (watch out for flying candy!), and organizations around the globe have brought Steve in to teach his Data Modelling Master Class, which is recognized as the most comprehensive data modelling course in the industry. Steve is the author of nine books on data modelling, including the bestseller Data Modelling Made Simple. One of Steve’s frequent data modelling consulting assignments is to review data models using his Data Model Scorecard® technique. He is the founder of the Design Challenges group, Conference Chair of the Data Modelling Zone conferences, and recipient of the Data Administration Management Association (DAMA) International Professional Achievement Award.


2022 Dates:
4 – 8 April 2022
20 –  24 June 2022

Cost excludes VAT.

For more information please contact us:

Enquiries in Johannesburg and Cape Town : pauli@velisaafrica.co.za

International Enquiries : hema.chugh@globalknowledge.ae

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