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Surviving Rapid Change

Businesses today are bombarded with new challenges brought about by the rapid change in technology and customer expectation.

The speed, at which this change occurs, has the potential to cause significant losses in market capitalisation and business revenues. Computing technologies, social media and next generation mobile communication technologies, have become so advanced and inextricably interwoven in terms of the collection and processing of information, that businesses have to constantly monitor and adapt to change, quicker than their competitors. Business processes have to be smarter, more efficient and must stay one step ahead!

To really get on top of this sort of change is exactly why we need effective Business Analysts!

The Solution

Velisa Africa Academy has designed a sequence of Business Analysis Career Path Training programmes in order to address this issue. The programmes provide the most effective Business Analysis training, relevant to the needs of companies and individuals, thereby closing the gap on the local skills shortage and ensuring the continuation of new generations of skilled Business Analysts.

The programmes comprise of a blend of theoretical training, real life scenario practical workshops and special projects culminating in web-based certification examinations. This unique learning structure ensures the most effective method of training and provides a higher standard of training than pure web-based training initiatives.

We start with the entry-level Business Analysis 101

The following modules and lessons included in the programme are designed to support the course objectives:

Business Analysis Fundamentals (22 days)
This module focuses on the fundamentals which are considered key for Business Analysts. Over and above providing a clear definition of what business analysis is all about, the module also focuses on critical soft skills which help a Business Analyst become more effective at their role. These include, but are not limited to, skills such as communication skills, report writing and time management.

Business Analyst Core Competences (19 days)
This module focuses on the core skills that a Business Analyst needs to deliver value as part of their role. These core competences form the foundation of how analytical, thorough and effective a Business Analyst will be in their role. Included in this module are skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving, and elicitation techniques to mention a few.

Problem Solving Model (6 days)
This module looks at problem solving in context and discusses different known and proven approaches. The main idea of this module is to adequately cover the different problem solving techniques and, most importantly, highlight the importance and power of having a problem solving mind-set as a Business Analyst.

Business Process Modelling (9 days)
One of the most important tools for Business Analysts is the ability to model. Business Analysts would typically be required to model the as-is scenarios, in light of improving or reengineering them. This module focuses on empowering the participants with the skills and the knowledge to support their modelling activities.

Defining the Solution & Quality Assurance (7 days)
This module looks at the process to be followed in defining as solution. A Business Analyst will often be required to investigate different solutions to an identified gap or problem and recommend best solution for progress, based on different indicators, inputs and outputs.

The Business Analyst 101 program is 63 day high-impact program aimed at developing the foundational skills required for a career as a Business Analyst. The program is scheduled for 3 continuous months but is also customisable to be set down in a serious of weekly interventions to accommodate work requirements. Course modules can also be delivered independent of the whole programme so as to allow for “brush up” or refresher training of individual modules. Please enquire about our training models, to understand what best suits your needs. We also customise or arrange in-house training dates.

Course delivery

The programme is delivered in the following format:

  • Instructor led theoretical training/lab activities
  • Instructor led practical real life scenario workshops and projects
  • Discretionary Web-based internationally recognised certification examinations (CABA)


Either: 3 or 4 year ICT degree/diploma from an accredited institution; OR Degree/diploma from an accredited institution and have 1 year of experience in the ICT/Information Management field; OR 3 years’ experience in the ICT/Information Management field.

Course facilitators

The Velisa Africa Academy programme facilitators are highly experienced professionals with more than ten years in business analytics experience.

Programme benefits

The VAA BA101 training programme provides a number of distinct advantages for both companies and learners over web-based initiatives:

  • Cost effective – locally based training is always more cost effective and provides an excellent opportunity for facilitator/classroom interactions which better serves the learning process as students are able share experiences and knowledge and gain immediate access to questions and problem-solving.
  • Practical experience – students participate in many different lab activities that simulate reallife work scenarios. The labs are designed to evaluate understanding and ensure students are obtaining adequate experience. This experiential training complements the theoretical, conceptual learning.
  • Customised training programmes –training requirements are often unique and this is an additional benefit that locally based training offers. Companies can decide upon the required training components as well as structure the training process to suit company and learner availability.
  • The Business Analyst 101 programme provides practical foundational level training that enables immediate and effective participation at a junior Business Analyst level.

This Programme is intended for individuals seeking to develop an understanding of Business Analysis and secure employment in the capacity of a Junior Business Analyst.

For more information please contact us:

Enquiries in Johannesburg and Cape Town : pauli@velisaafrica.co.za

International Enquiries : hema.chugh@globalknowledge.ae

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