It doesn’t matter whether you are managing a primary or a high school, the question stands; can technology bring value to your school? Nowadays technology is viewed as a way of making things simple and effective. Apart from that fact, the research conducted by Pew Researchers shows that 92% of teens are using technology daily via their mobile devices (Smartphones) :

What does this research finding mean? It means that teenagers love and enjoy technology. Now, what if teaching at schools can be conducted in the same manner? Won’t these kids and teens enjoy learning and being at school? Won’t that reduce school dropouts? Won’t that improve our South African learning? And finally, won’t that bring value to the school itself? Answers to these questions are pretty clear in a sense that we all understand how technology has improved our lives.

Teaching the scholars in a technological way has been proven to be useful in terms of assisting learners at looking into day-to-day problems, and think of a technological solution to those problems. An example of this is three young teenage schoolgirls in one Nigerian High School. These teenagers (14-15 years) created a powerful urine-powered generator that provides six hours of electricity with a liter of urine. :

Will this Nigerian school gain value and fame because of these girls? The answer is a big YES! A good start towards adopting technology in teaching our young future leaders is to get Triumph smart whiteboards that allow scholars to interact with the learning environment in a technological manner.

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