Most graduates in South Africa are unemployed these days because they don’t have enough skills, immediately after completing their qualification of Degrees/Diplomas. For South Africa to solve that problem, we need to conduct more apprenticeships.

There is a big gap between students and corporates in the workplace, because students are lacking skills that will help them fit into the corporate culture.  So now the question is, how do we close that gap as the world, government, and as companies in South Africa?  What needs to be done is to stand and support the apprenticeship programs, by sponsoring those programs as government and companies so that our students can get the skills needed by corporates.

The main aim for this is to develop our students so that they can join the corporate world with relevant and enough entrepreneur skills, that can grow South Africa. Therefore at the end of the day, they can also start their own businesses which will also help other students by sponsoring them, and also boosting the economy with high job rates to improve the history of South Africa.