Online Privacy Training

Data Protection and Privacy Legislation – is this just another Act?

No! Actually, Privacy Training will protect you and your business!

Here’s why….

We live in an information economy where data is accessible everywhere. However, everyone responsible for using personal data has to ensure that information is used fairly, lawfully and transparently, and only for the purpose that it was acquired.

Data privacy has always been important. A single company may possess the personal information of hundreds of customers – data that it needs to keep private so that customers’ identities stay as safe and protected as possible, and the company’s reputation remains untarnished.

If your organisation processes personal information you need to comply with the applicable privacy legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or, in South Africa, the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), or the CCPA, PDPA,NDPR and hundreds more of the world’s privacy laws and frameworks.

And this applies to every organisation which processes data (“processes”: any operation or set of operations performed upon personal data or sets of personal data).

As data becomes today’s most valuable currency, the risk associated with it continues to skyrocket. Professionals who understand these risks – and the global information management practices needed to safeguard data – are in high demand. That’s where training and certification comes in. 

Data is one of your most valuable assets. It must be handled properly and kept safe and private . Our training will teach your staff how to institute better privacy practices, drive compliance and build a more effective data protection program.


Our privacy training programs can help:

  • Reduce risk of a data breach by making privacy a shared business objective
  • Improve decision-making among employees who handle data
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication across departments
  • Demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and protection to customers, partners, regulators and staff


Click here this series of training courses designed to assist the small to medium size business to understand the principles and requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in PRACTICAL HOW-TO steps.


Click here for certification: Only the IAPP offers information privacy certification programs specifically designed for professionals who manage, handle and access data, and recognized and respected by employers the world over.

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