Data Management (DM) Workshops and Certification

Turn your knowledge and expertise into the most valuable professional certification and join 1000 other professionals who all proudly bear the designation CDMP® (Certified Data Management Professional) behind their name.

Please find below further information on exam requirements, as well as costs and further information on each certification.

“The Certified Data Management Professional® (CDMP®) credential is awarded to those who qualify based on a combination of criteria including education, experience and examinations of professional level knowledge. This certification was established by DAMA International in 2004 as the gold standard for measuring accomplishment in the data management field”

The CDMP® certifications are internationally relied on to indicate superior proficiency in Data Management.


The CDMP® Associate Certification

This is for a new entrant to Data Management, or someone who has been in Data Management for a short time and wants to progress their career path to becoming an Advanced Data Management professional (CDMP® Practitioner).  It is also a useful certification for CIOs and related senior management who are looking for a thorough understanding of the principles of Data Management.

The requirements are focused on ensuring that the individual has a basic knowledge of Data Management and is thoroughly conversant with the DMBoK (Data Management Book of Knowledge) Version 1, as well as any number of the resources mentioned in each chapter.

The Certification exam is preceded by a Data Management Fundamentals preparation workshop, led by a DM expert, which will not only include revision tips and techniques but also work on a set of practice questions.


The CDMP® Practitioner Certification

This certification is for those professionals who want to contribute as a professional team member on assigned tasks, for they are proficient in knowledge of concepts, skills and techniques of a particular data specialisation

The requirements are focused on ensuring that the individual has a detailed knowledge of Data Management and is thoroughly conversant with the practice of Data Management in a responsible professional capacity.

The Certification exam is preceded by a Data Management Advanced preparation workshop, led by a DM expert, which will not only include professionally facilitated discussions, but also work with a set of practice questions.


The CDMP® Master Certification

This certification is for those professionals who have mastered the concepts, skills and practices of their data specialisation and who have the ability to lead and mentor a team of data professionals.

This is for those individuals who have detailed expertise in their areas of specialisation and are considered thought leaders in the field of Data Management, by virtue of their leadership and being able to share their detailed knowledge with other DM professionals.


How to obtain your CDMP certification

Professional certification is an indication of knowledge, skills and experience in a field. DAMA International has constructed the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) designation. The certification program gives data management professionals the opportunity to show professional growth that
can enhance their personal and career goals. Professionals participate in continuing education to stay current with best practices and to develop specialised skills. Most DM training develops skills with specific technology products, however Data Management is a business function, and therefore the DMBoK is technology agnostic.

All the CDMP exams may be taken at an exam event hosted by Velisa Africa ( to book), or may be paid for by credit card and taken online (

The exams cost $300 plus $11 for the online proctoring. Once the $300 is paid, you will receive unlimited access to a practice test. You may take the exam any time, when you feel ready. You will be charged $11 and will have to show photo ID. The system times the exam at 90 minutes. Non-English speakers may enroll for an extra 20 minutes.

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Summary of Pre-Requisites:

DAMA MembershipCentralCentralCentralCentral
(Practical Experience) Guideline26 months > 5 years2 years - 10 years10 years minimum2Over 25 years2
DM Fundamentals
DM Fundamentals + 2 Specialist
DM Fundamentals + 2 Specialist
Globally recognised & respected thought leadership
Significant contribution to Data Management Profession
CDMP Master
Contribution to CDMP & DMBoK
By nomination
Allowable Substitutions3No11
Pass Mark60%70%80%
RouteRegister and take examRegister and take examsRegister and take exams. Evidence experience.
  1. Individuals are welcome to remain at any level without pressure to go upward. You can decide what level you want to be and if you wish to proceed further.
  2. Industry experience is a guideline for taking the certification. For Master, a minimum level of experience is required.
  3. One allowable substitution certification is permitted for an elective exam at either Practitioner or Master level.

The level of CDMP is based on your mark obtained in the DM Fundamentals exam:

If you score 60-69% you will be awarded CDMP Associate

If you score over 70% you may take another 2 specialist exams to

obtain Practitioner Level. Available specialist exams at present are:

  • Data Modelling and Design
  • Metadata Management
  • Data Governance
  • Data Quality

Preparation for the exams:

1. Data Management Fundamentals:

Study the DMBoK Version 2. Attending the Data Management Overview Course is very helpful. The practice test which you get access to once you have paid (unlimited tries).

2. Electives:

Study the relevant chapter/s in the DMBoK. Extra reading (see end of each chapter). Attending our endorsed 4-day preparation course for Data Modelling or Data Governance is helpful. Re-certification is achieved over 3 yearly intervals. At least 30 hours of professional development must be logged and submitted to DAMA I. Recertification costs $100.

How to book for an exam event

If you would like to register, receive a quotation or query anything, please either contact us via email at or Note that the ZAR price includes facilities and admin fees, and may fluctuate according the the ZAR-USD exchange rate.

Once DAMA SA has ascertained that you fulfill the pre-requisites to take the exam, for which you applied, we will send you a formal quotation. If you accept it, we will send you an invoice and a confirmation or a booking reservation

No exam may be written without prior payment, so your booking will only be confirmed after payment.