The management team and all employees of Velisa Africa Academy have in common their enormous passion, love and devotion towards their families and for their relationships with others. This, in turn, radiates through their work and commitment to grow and nurture the learners that come through the Academy and the customers and partners that work with the Academy.

There is an overwhelming and shared sense of dedication and zeal among the Velisa Africa team to improve the level of education in South Africa and to be a part of a real and dramatic change in the lives of the South African youth and all South Africa’s people.

Dee Cranswick
Dee CranswickDirector
Dee believes that we are all on a journey and that the Velisa team operates as facilitators to guide our learners: “so that wherever possible we can assist people to walk their road both successfully and with a sense of personal achievement”!
Pauli Taylor
Pauli TaylorOperations Manage
Having graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BSc, Pauli is scientifically ensuring that the team and the Academy operate smoothly and efficiently and that our customers’ training is arranged to meet their every need. The heartbeat of the Academy!
Norris DzotizeyHead Trainer
Lizan PhetoeOffice Assistant